How Can You Help?

We are in this together…

In these unprecedented times, here at Project Two Rule, one thing is crystal clear – we feel called to help those living in the margins. 

We think you should be too. 

The good news for both of us is that we are wired to feel less anxiety when we shift our obsession with our current situation towards those in need.

The data is crystal clear, generosity makes you feel better.

In case you’re not sure where to help, here’s some ideas from the Project Two Rule team:

  1. Reach out to your local place of worship and ask – Who is struggling right now and could use a little generosity?
  2. Take inventory of your neighbors and close friends and ask these questions – Are they financially stable? Do they need help with child care? etc.
  3. Call/email/text anyone in your network who you think could be isolated. Feeling alone leads to depression and increased anxiety. Make sure people know you care!
  4. Support local organizations that are focused on providing food and shelter. For example, in our hometown (Indianapolis, IN) we’re supporting the Shepherd Community Center
  5. Checkout any of the new fundraising opportunities at Go Fund Me that are specifically focused on COVID-19.
  6. Checkout Charity Navigator’s list of non-profits that are focused on helping address the COVID-19 challenge. 


We have the ingenuity, resources, experience and intelligence necessary to deal with this challenge. 

All we need is a change in focus. 

I pray that we find the compassion and kindness necessary to make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

CJ – Founder – Project Two Rule