What is the
Two Rule Pledge?

Giving is Already Big Part of Your Life...

By signing the pledge and sharing it with your you'd be setting a great example for others. 

With your help we want to inspire 10,000+ professionals to take the pledge and motivate this group to increase their annual giving by $10 million and 25K volunteer hours.

You Might be New to the Idea of Giving...

We understand that you’re younger and under a lot of time and financial pressure growing your career.

We recognize that you really want to give but it’s hard. Give the pledge a shot and let us show you how you can grow a career BY increasing your giving.

We’re not going to share your name with anyone – if you take the pledge and realize it’s not for you – just simply unsubscribe.

Even If the Timing Doesn't Seem Right...

Life is crazy. You’ve got more financial and time commitments than you can handle. We recognize that you want to give but it is hard.

Give the pledge a shot, we’ll show you how it can reduce stress and set a great example for your loved ones. If you take the pledge and realize it’s not for you – just simply unsubscribe.

How It Works

Make a commitment to donate at least 5% of your annual income and volunteer 40 hours a year to those in need. 

You'll receive regular inspirational messages and get connected with other professionals on a similar journey.

Enjoy the proven benefits of living gratefully and shifting your focus towards those who could use a helping hand.

Take the Two Rule Pledge

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the "why" behind the Two Rule Pledge?

How do I get started?

How long does this process last?

How does this process "work"?

What types of "giving" should I be tracking this year?

Where should I give my resources?

How do I report my involvement to the Two Rule Foundation? 

What do you do with my personal information?

What if I fall behind on my giving?