About Project Two Rule

Two Rule (originally the Reach Foundation) was founded in 2007 by CJ McClanahan with the sole purpose of challenging his clients to give back to those in need. Uncertain how to start a non-profit or what it should focus on, CJ reached out to local leaders for guidance and advice.

The organization developed a clear purpose after an eye-opening conversation with a local expert who told CJ (in a very kind and loving way) that “the last thing the world needs is another foundation that dilutes the amount of resources going to organizations that are making a big difference.”

A little shocked, CJ inquired – “What does our marketplace need?”

The answer was immediate and clear – “Here in Indianapolis, the successful charitable organizations need more funds.”

A few months later the organization was launched.


Our Mission in Simple

“Inspire professionals to live gratefully and commit more of their resources to help those in need.”

That’s it. We aren’t building a big organization. All we do is…

  1. Raise money and give it all away.
  2. Help professionals decide where to give their resources.
  3. Coach/mentor/inspire these individuals to stay focused on the needs of others.


Instead of focusing on the need in the marketplace, although beneficial, we believe there’s a better strategy for inspiring professionals to generously give out of their abundance.

Talented, driven, overachieving professionals are focused on behaviors that deliver a consistent and predictable result.

Our goal is to show how there is a direct and proven correlation between quality of life and shifting personal resources towards benefiting those in need.

We are convinced that – a small increase in the amount these individuals give can make a massive difference in the lives of the millions who are less fortunate.


Connect With Us


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5750 Castle Creek Pkwy #367
Indianapolis, IN 46250


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